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My WETA Tintin & Snowy model arrived today…

My WETA Tintin & Snowy model arrived today!

Some new Tintin decor from Joe’s Store.

Some new Tintin decor from Joe’s Store.

Peter Jackson Offers Update On “Tintin 2” – Da…

Peter Jackson Offers Update On “Tintin 2” – Dark Horizons: undefined

🎵Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…

Hey tuft! @tuftofginger the “kids” made ya something! 

🎵Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Cara, Happy birthday to you! 🎵 😛 🎂🎈🎉

i’m still not feeling well but i didn’t forget your birthday.😛 this took about ¾ days to do. while drawing this i was listing to this song. (never saw the movie it just randomly shown up on my recommendations on youtube.XD)

have a great day! hope you like it! ^_^

talk to you soon once this mouth heal…. 😰

Sincerely, BabyPoof08 ^_^ 😛

🎵Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know
The one to finally lift you off the ground
Someone in the crowd could take you where you wanna go
If you’re the someone ready to be found.🎵💃💃💃 🕺🏻💃🏽



My blog still on lockdown this isn’t really tintin related. but i just wanna say i got all 6 of my teeth taken out wednesday. that’s all 4 of my wisdom teeth and two other teeth behind it. i’m on my 4\5 day and things still isn’t better. well, kind of better but not too better. my face and gums are still swell and sore. i can’t eat anything but soft foods like ice cream, milkshakes, jello, applesauce etc. i’m already taking 3 medicines for the pain and swelling. i can’t talk at all only alittle. it’s hard for me to even open my mouth. i also got stitches too. i been having headaches, dizziness, and been sleepy.  but hopefully this will past on soon. but right now i feel so miserable and depressed. i can’t wait until all this go away. it’s gonna take awhile probably weeks or a month. i mean i literally got 6 teeth taken out and the other 4 was wisdom teeth that was growing in sideways. this isn’t it either after this over i got to go back for teeth cleaning.  good thing is i got all those bad teeth out and the bad thing is the recovery. 🙁 this gonna be LONG recovery. but hopefully i won’t need anymore teeth taken out as long as i live. i’m gonna rest up and probably read some tintin and play games to keep me occupied.


I had so much fun doing this! this is so cute …

I had so much fun doing this! this is so cute and funny. XD 

This is my very first aesthetic board. and i decided to do Cathy.

This took hours to do but i thinks this sort of shows her personality. of course not everything about her is on here but i think this shows her character a bit. i’m thinking about doing another one with her and other characters. sorry about with the swearing. she has a southern drawl so sometimes when she gets mad she’s swears. sometimes by accident. XD overall she has good manners but like it says in the top middle. she doesn’t take other people poo. (not counting the outhouse.) X’D 

this is one the reasons i love her she so funny and full of sprit. ^_^


Happy Birthday to the young lady who’s full of life


i drew a little drawing of her stuffing her face with cake. chocolate cake because she’s likes chocolate cake. i’m pretty sure her mom made it. the letter on the table in front of her is from someone but she doesn’t exactly know. but she thinks she knows.

as you can see i drew this on paint. yeah i know. but it was late in the game i was feeling sick and still i’m. but i felt like drawing  just a little something.  this probably would of been better on paper but it would of take too much time. also curse me i’m not all that good with hands. now i remember why i don’t really use paint anymore until now.  -_-  :\  also it’s been about 2 years since i ever drew with a art program with a mouse. i guess i haven’t did it in so long i kind of lost some of my skills a bit. i guess i need start back drawing art on or doodling on art programs again. though i really prefer drawing on paper. i’m not really a fan drawing on art programs like i use to back in 2010-11ish. the reason for that because i never had a scanner until 2015. i use to take pictures of my drawings and share them that way. 🙂 :\

anyway happy birthday cowgirl. ^_^

Important. (we probably all screwed.)

Everything what has been sent to and or been message, post, to me maybe even tag to me will now be sent to my psychologist and probably the police and my family and people i know in real life. yes guys it has gotten that serious. <_<  now i just wanna say that whatever happens i wanna said that i told you guys. now i’m not even saying this to be rude or anything but i told you guys. i feel it alittle to much for them to get the police in to this but as you guys remember the posts i made about want to harm myself probably why they doing this. while this accident happen about almost a month ago probably almost 2 or 3 months ago. they all still very concerned. i have to do it. no if’s or but’s about it. everything that has been sent to me will be sent to them by the end of this or next week. while i’m kind of over it they not and they really wanna get involved on what’s been going on. while this a good thing i can finally delete everything and we can finally move on with our lives. it’s also sort of a bad thing. listen up. whatever happens. happens. okay? hopefully this will teach all of us a lesson. i don’t know what’s gonna happen. i’m bit worried because if they get police involved they probably gonna either try to track people down or something else. o_o  i’m very worried now. i don’t know what to say or do. anyway i don’t know will this be permeant or not but they also said something about recording my time online too. guys whatever happens. happens. i can’t do anything about it. i wanna say that for people who did try to help me thanks a lot. you guys tried to help me. i don’t know how they gonna react to this. so :\


Telling you guys right now that i will no longer accept anonymous asks. yes i know it sucks. but it’s better for me to know who you are. you don’t have to be afraid of me i’m shy too and have severe anxiety so if you got anything to ask and want it to be anonymous do so now. i’m gonna leave them on for about a week or 2. 


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Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people you want to know better

1. Name: BabyPoof08\Poof (i don’t give out my real name only if i want to. but i mostly give out my nicknames. we have to be close friends for me to give out my real name.)

2. Zodiac sign: Cancer\Leo (i’m mostly go by cancer.)

3. Height: 5’2 with shoes off. 5’3 with shoes on. (yes i’m short. but not too short. :p.)

4. Languages spoken: English. (i learned a bit of spanish while i was in school. but it isn’t advance. so basic espanol? supongo?…. no?…. :p.)

5. Nationality: American. (but do not support the thing that’s going on at the white house. if you do that’s fine but don’t bring it to me. )

6. Favorite fruit: Grapes. 

7. Favorite scent: When it’s rains.

8. Favorite color: Blue. like light blue. baby blue. soft blue. etc. whatever they call it these days.

9. Favorite animal: Pandas. :3 (i also like dolphins, seals, polor bears, pigs, cows, monkeys, baby chicks- i like animals. XD :3)

11.Favorite fictional character: Right now it’s Tintin but i have alot of favorite fictional characters. :3

12. Dream trip: Brussels,Belguim

13. When is your blog created?: i don’t remember as of right now…

14. Last movie you watched: The Adventures of Tintin 2011 (probably 100 times by now. X’D)

15. Song you’ve had on repeat: the last song on my blog. that’s one my favorite songs since i was little. XD :3

16. Favorite candy: Chocolate.

17. Favorite holiday: Christmas.

18. Favorite MCU character: I don’t think i have one.

19. Favorite MCU movie: I don’t think have one.

20. Favorite food: I have alot of favorite foods but right now i’m gonna say ice cream. :3

I tag any of my followers or anyone who wants do this.