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I wanna thank everyone for all the birthday wishes! i know i’m a week late but i was still getting wishes even after my birthday. XD 

In all i got about 102 birthday wishes! 💝

Thank you guys so much you all very sweet. you guys made my day little bit better. i hope this year for me will be full with happiness and new surprises.😊 

and once again thank you all! 😊

For people missed my birthday was on the 22th of July. i think that will come in handy for next year. XD

anyway, thank you all! 😊

Anther outlet to post things is instagram! I&r…

Anther outlet to post things is instagram! I’ve moved from tumbler to Instagram and maybe you wouldn’t like it too? 💙

I actually have an Instagram but it’s a secret.:3 if your interested i can give it to you. message me if you like for it. i like and post tintin stuff every now and then. mostly some stuff i post on here. it’s a tintin account really but i’m also thinking about making another account in the future to post all my art on and probably a personal account too. :3 though since i don’t have a iphone i can’t really do much on it because some features only work or hard do to with\without a phone. :\ 🙁 but thank you for your recommend and sweet ask. ^_^