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By Yves Rodier

Some animation cels from various episodes of Ellipse-Nelvana’s Tintin series.

An interesting change between the original publication and the book version of “Flight 714 to Sydney” is that they changed the white collar of Tintin’s undershirt to blue in the book version.

Bootleg Chinese Tintin is one of life’s many treasures.

In The Red Sea Sharks, the colorists forgot to color in Tintin’s ears in one frame.

Advertisements for the stage play “Tintin and the Mystery of the Blue Diamond” from 1941, as published in Le Soir Jeunesse.

Today I decided to color and translate some old advertisements for Red Rackham’ s Treasure!


I know I’ve been absent from Tumblr for a little bit, but that’s because I’ve been busy and such. It’s also been ages since I’ve posted a mistake, so I’m going to start doing so again, starting with an error from Ellipse-Nelvana’s “Destination Moon”, where Tintin’s socks disappear for a scene.