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♫When the sun shines, we shine together

Told you I’ll be here forever

Said I’ll always be your friend

Took an oath that I’m a stick it out till the end

Now that it’s raining more than ever

Know that we still have each other

You can stand under my umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella♫ 

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Sorry this is so late. from someone who has depression things takes a little longer for me to do things. i’m not an fast drawer and i do things my own pace. but anyway, I FINALLY FINISH THE DRAWINGS! 😀

God. i thought i wasn’t never finish them. but i finally did and i’m so happy and proud of myself. it’s was like doing some kind of chore. XD yay for me! take that depression. even if i never finish them i probably would of just upload half of them uncolored and stuff. this is for @asktintin and @tuftofginger. i really hope you like this. i worked really hard on them and kept working on it even with my depression trying to make the best of me.i really enjoy doing the roleplay. maybe we can do another. i also wanna thank everyone who liked and reblog those posts from our roleplay. i didn’t think it would get that much. maybe some day i’ll open some roleplay blogs. >_> 😉  anywho i hope you like this. <3

PS: If you notice. i made the drawings look like old photographs. i was gonna put something extra like curvy corners and stuff to make look more old. but i couldn’t find any tools for that. maybe in the future i’ll find ways to do that. I actually have the color ones too.

PSS. i notice from the roleplay their song would be Umbrella . seriously listen to the song. the song fit and match for them. it’s one my favorite songs too and that’s all i was thinking about and listening to while drawing theses. ^_^


I’m still not feeling good but i got some more good information on my “oc” cathy.  Cathy farm had dirt roads and they lived with only a few people. the people she lived with was her friends which is patty, ann, and wright. they didn’t have running water. so if they need water they had to go to a well to get some. they took baths in tubs. they use the bathroom using the outhouse. when the outhouse got full someone had to clean it out. if she have to get somewhere they would have drive about 30 miles to get there. so the hospital and police was out of the question only if they really needed it. so it was very important that none of them got sick or hurt. she was born on the farm. if anyone had to use the bathroom late at night they had to either go to the outhouse or a bucket to go in. mostly at night snakes or animals use to be around there so it wasn’t really an good idea to go out there at night. when cathy when to school she was in a class with about 19 other kids. the library wasn’t all that big. and the books they gave them was old or tearing apart. the farm was build in 1800’s. so it was very old farm. they didn’t really have an kitchen. she lived in the deep south of Georgia (which where i live also.) they had a little town.her family liked country music. cathy mother smoke. but she also likes to chew tobacco. cathy doesn’t say nothing about it. even though her mother shouldn’t be chewing that stuff.  this starting to get more interesting and i love it. i wonder how would tintin and friends would react to all of this. lol. this is so much fun. ^_^ 


Like This post if you think I should make my “oc” Cathy an roleplay\ask blog. 

even if this don’t get a lot of likes may still do it. I don’t want to do this and feel like i’m wasting time. if this goes well I may do more blogs in the future. 

♬Wrapped in your arms Is where I wanna be, …

Longer Version if you wanna listen to more:


♬Wrapped in your arms

Is where I wanna be, wanna be. Wrapped in your arms

That’s my high, (my high)♬

I drew my “oc” Cathy singing and dancing to this song because the song fits her situation. it’s one my favorite songs too. cathy is not an singer but she loves music so sometimes she likes to sing and dance to music. I think she likes this song too in real life as well. maybe one day I might an video out of this.

My “first” time trying to draw in Hergé style….

My “first” time trying to draw in Hergé style. I drew my “oc” Cathy in Hergé style. I have to say I think this came out is pretty good for my “first” time. I sort mess up a bit with her dress. but eh. anyways she looks pretty cute in his style. 

I was bored so i drew cathy in a mummy costume from the…

I was bored so i drew cathy in a mummy costume from the @asktintin thingy from 2 weeks ago or a week ago? one of those. this is little cathy. little cathy has short curls in her hair. to be honest i like her with the short curls. but it’s understandable. we all like to change up sometimes. her hair stay like that until her mid-teens years. i put a bow in her hair to make her more cute. i always put bows in my girls characters hair because it’s my style and i guess it make them more cute. I don’t think cathy worn bows in her hair but I did it anyway to show she’s a girl and make her cute. she was gonna be in another costume. i’mma let you guess. ^_^ but since this is a different time period I put her in a costume that would cover her up. but since me and @tuftofginger talked about it. maybe next time she won’t be too scared to show herself. we also talked about her leg too. so hopefully next time tinytintin will be more careful. ^_^  i don’t know will i do cathy from the oldertintin thingy because one nothing much changes with her. two i think we took it too far and i made an accident. three. it’s an different timeline. so with the oldertintin thingy may have to think of something. may do it. may not. *shrugs* I don’t know. once again anyone can draw her just ask me. by the way i was raggy ann. ^_^

I wasn’t gonna do it just as yet. but I felt it was important….

I wasn’t gonna do it just as yet. but I felt it was important. it was gonna be an surprise. ladies and gentleman meet Catherine. (or cathy or cat for short if she knows you well.) this is an real person and I tried my best to make it actually like the real picture of her. the only differences is that it’s not back and white like the real picture. I may do one black and white. but I felt it was important to show how she look like in color. cathy is african- american. if anyone one wanna draw her please ask. I had trouble in the past with people drawing my ocs without asking me. you can find her bio and a short story on my blog. just search her name. 

When it’s 5:00 o’clock in morning and your imagination is running wild.

A young lady standing in front of fram feeling the fall breeze as wind brew in her brown long hair eating some mary jane candies as she look at the sun while it’s look like it was cloudy due being a fall eveing. suddenly a piece of paper flew with a bunch of leaves going around in a circle with the wind. the young lady tried to catch it she had to jump and run to see what is the piece of paper was. suddenly the wind stop blowing for a minute and the young lady saw the piece paper on the grass. she pick in up and it wasn’t just a piece of paper. it was a photo. the photo looked black and while.a photo of a young man. he looked about her age. or maybe younger? it’s most sure he was teenager. he looked familer. but she couldn’t really put her tongue to it. the younger lady look at the photo. the young man looked very handsome but didn’t know if boy was far or near by and why the heck a photo of flowing a around for?

“Well, look at here?….” she look at the photo. “who in tha’ the world would leave one their photos of em’self? maybe they house got burned down or sumthing.”

The young lady look around to see if it was anyone close by.

“I’m gonna keep this. maybe i know this person or maybe they lost it…… i should maybe take this to the police station. but the police station is a few blocks away.” 

Suddenly young lady felt like she needed to keep it. maybe it was some important. from the back her mind it was telling her to keep it but all the same not to because that young man was loosing his photo maybe someone bad could got a hold of it. 


“Maybe I should sure keep this. cuz who know. maybe the young man will visit to take for his photo back.”

But who was this young man? he didn’t live next door as far as she know of. was he close by? 

to be continued…?


kind of a silhouette of my “character” (i’m not good with hands…

kind of a silhouette of my “character” (i’m not good with hands and sorry for the pencil marks.)