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Telling you guys right now that i will no longer accept anonymous asks. yes i know it sucks. but it’s better for me to know who you are. you don’t have to be afraid of me i’m shy too and have severe anxiety so if you got anything to ask and want it to be anonymous do so now. i’m gonna leave them on for about a week or 2. 

Hey I don't know you but I stumbled upon …

Hey I don't know you but I stumbled upon your posts in the Tintin tag and I wanted to make sure you were okay?

no i’m not okay. i wish i could die but i know that probably won’t happen because i do not have anything to do that so i’m safe but i’m just so tired. i been like this for 3 or 4 weeks. this is not good at all. i knew tumblr was an bad idea from the start. :’(

We all love you ❤️

We all love you ❤️

you and youngpizza are the only people who seem to care. it seem everyone else don’t. i still feel depressed and yesterday night i had a breakdown. i was so close to ending my life. lucky there’s wasn’t no gun or rope in the house because if it was i don’t know if i would still be alive. i still feel this way but hopefully it will pass on. i just want people to love me. i never did anything wrong. i just don’t know anymore. 

*hug* You are a sweet and nice person. Everyth…

*hug* You are a sweet and nice person. Everything is going to be okay.

I hope so. i don’t know how much i can take. it’s hurts. sometime i wish was “normal”. i really don’t have any friends. i don’t know anymore. i’m so sorry. it’s just so hard. :’( there’s nothing special about me. 

BP, have you ever considered that you 'ge…

BP, have you ever considered that you 'get disrespected' because you're unable to take any form of constructive criticism to improve yourself and push your friends away as a result? I understand and sympathise with how hard your life is, but you shouldn't take your friends for granted when they're there for you and trying to help you.

huh? I don’t understand what you talking about. can you explain better for me to understand? i have trouble understanding stuff so. i don’t understand what you talking about so i’m just gonna reply to this the way i think your saying.

I don’t push people away at all. if i do then i’m very sorry but if i ever pushed anyone it’s because they never listen to me or they was bad or rude or anything else in the book that’s bad. i’m a good person but i’m not gonna be push around either. i never in my life ever pushed anyone to do something they didn’t wanna do so this question is silly. though, if i did. i’m very very sorry. like i said i have mental disorders and some stuff i do it’s hard for me to understand. i see things differently. i’m am working on it as we speak but honestly i can’t help it. it’s just something i have and may get better in the future. that’s why i really prefer to have friends who have some type of disorder or be around people who understand my problems better. i’m am a very kind person but due to my disorders it’s can be very very confusing and frustrating. 🙁 :\

I never taken anyone for granted or anything. i’m not sure who you talking about. are you the same anon from the pervious asks? if so tell me who are you talking about because i’m very confuse and i think we can solve this problem and probably feel better if we can go ahead and talk about problem going on with me bullying someone and taking people for granted and such. cause i’m totally confuse. 

anyway, thanks for this ask?…. i guess? for the anon who send this get back with me if you’re really interested in talking about this.

dear babypoof I read all those demotivating co…

dear babypoof I read all those demotivating comments written by other fellow bloggers. Please do not heed to those call you or blame you for something that you never did. After reading all your comments and posts I have indeed come to a conclusion that you indeed are an awesome person and someone id like to be friends with. Hope you stay happy and continue to be awesome and the way you are. from a friend Elika

Thank you. yeah I believe their just trolls or people who just dislike me. (or probably the same person who sending me these asks.) honestly I don’t care if they don’t like me but i’m not gonna be bullied for it either. they can kindly block me. these trolls or people who don’t like me don’t know nothing about me or my life. so i’m not gonna listen to them. if they so big and bad they can show themselves or message me one on one then sending me asks for everyone to see so they can make a fool out of themselves. but thank you a lot. of course you can be my friend. and aww. everyone i know calls me awesome. thanks. :3 ^_^

Anther outlet to post things is instagram! I&r…

Anther outlet to post things is instagram! I’ve moved from tumbler to Instagram and maybe you wouldn’t like it too? 💙

I actually have an Instagram but it’s a secret.:3 if your interested i can give it to you. message me if you like for it. i like and post tintin stuff every now and then. mostly some stuff i post on here. it’s a tintin account really but i’m also thinking about making another account in the future to post all my art on and probably a personal account too. :3 though since i don’t have a iphone i can’t really do much on it because some features only work or hard do to with\without a phone. :\ 🙁 but thank you for your recommend and sweet ask. ^_^

really? you're asking for likes for atten…

really? you're asking for likes for attention? please leave. you're the toxic one here.

lol. yes i’m asking for likes because that will help me figure out should i stay or should i go and figure out how to stay on here being happy and safe. did you read the post? i’m just doing it to see people care so i can work something out. 

You Can Now Sent Me Asks!!!(probably just for …

I was gonna wait but i couldn’t take it anymore. maybe this will be an great idea just like i did with my description with putting a warning.

Guys…. YOU CAN NOW SENT ME ASKS! don’t get too happy because i may just be doing it for just today. it’s 1:00 in the morning over here and i’m up right now because you know depression. anyway. if i plan to shut them off. it probably will be the same time as of right now where i live. so go ahead and asks away. also there no anonymous asks because i wanna see the people who follow me and stuff. if i know who you are i will be able to follow you and stuff because if i don’t know who you are how i’m suppose to get to know you. you guys don’t have be shy. i’m shy myself so you don’t have to be shy. but if you are. just message me or i may put on anonymous asks at some point. anyway i’m doing this all day today. but since i’m on an little break I may keep them on longer. I know I shouldn’t do that since i’m not posting or replying to messages much as of right now. but heck. maybe i’ll feel better. and if it goes well I may do it more often. things to know is that i’m am not a fast replier so if I get to your ask late you know why. also like I said i’m kind of on a break so if I don’t get to your ask right away that’s also one of the reasons. so go ahead and asks.

due note that if your ask to me is too personal or I feel offensive or anything I will ignore it and probably message you about it before blocking you or reporting you. i’m not the one who do that stuff but if it’s makes me feel bad or anything i’m gonna probably do it.

anyway go ahead and ask. I also have my submit button on too so you guys can sent me funny and neat stuff. 

anyway, let’s see how this goes…..