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dear babypoof I read all those demotivating co…

dear babypoof I read all those demotivating comments written by other fellow bloggers. Please do not heed to those call you or blame you for something that you never did. After reading all your comments and posts I have indeed come to a conclusion that you indeed are an awesome person and someone id like to be friends with. Hope you stay happy and continue to be awesome and the way you are. from a friend Elika

Thank you. yeah I believe their just trolls or people who just dislike me. (or probably the same person who sending me these asks.) honestly I don’t care if they don’t like me but i’m not gonna be bullied for it either. they can kindly block me. these trolls or people who don’t like me don’t know nothing about me or my life. so i’m not gonna listen to them. if they so big and bad they can show themselves or message me one on one then sending me asks for everyone to see so they can make a fool out of themselves. but thank you a lot. of course you can be my friend. and aww. everyone i know calls me awesome. thanks. :3 ^_^

I'm really sorry you feel that way. But s…

I'm really sorry you feel that way. But sadly its the truth, tumblr is a toxic place. Once they find something they haunt you with their hate. I really enjoy and like the content you post since Tintin is something dear from my childhood. And seeing it from time to time on my dash means a lot to me. Maybe you should give it a while and people will come asking things. It isn't much but I hope you feel better soon and not frustrated anymore.

I know. but i always thought this site was more grown up then sites i been on in the past. i guess i was wrong. i don’t think i’m gonna leave anytime soon but if it’s gets too bad for my health then i may won’t have any choice. i don’t wanna leave but i don’t wanna be hurt either. and thank you for following me. i’m glad you like my content. i may post more. i may not. right now i’m in a pickle and i’m not feeling happy about it. and thanks. i don’t know who you are because your anonymous but you can always sent me asks if you like. as long their not too personal. if it comes to that point i prefer people messaging me on messager. i really prefer messager because it kind of easier to reply to and not everyone has to see my problems. XD and thank you. i hope i’ll feel better soon too. :\ 🙁