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Hello- a question for everyone. Do you enjoy singing? Are you any good at it? Care to demonstrate..?

Tintin merely chucked at the question. He decided to answer for everyone.

No one really sings particularly often around here. Nestor has a nice opera voice, but he rarely uses it for the sake of the Captain. Professor Calculus doesn’t enjoy singing. The Captain isn’t bad, but doesn’t often sing. I’ll sometimes er… sing to Snowy but that’s about it.

Tintin glanced down at his dog who was giving a huge grin. He smiled back.

Snowy is an excellent singer though – he accompanied Madame Castefiore during one of her performances!


(And from me, I whole heartedly recommend the musical soundtrack (Le Temple Du Soleil)! If you enjoy Tintin related things, it’s an absolute must – the songs are absolutely stunning in both Dutch and French. Go listen to Tintin’s singing voice as soon as you can! The song he’s singing to Snowy is called “Milou et Moi” and it is the sweetest thing ever.)