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Important. (we probably all screwed.)

Everything what has been sent to and or been message, post, to me maybe even tag to me will now be sent to my psychologist and probably the police and my family and people i know in real life. yes guys it has gotten that serious. <_<  now i just wanna say that whatever happens i wanna said that i told you guys. now i’m not even saying this to be rude or anything but i told you guys. i feel it alittle to much for them to get the police in to this but as you guys remember the posts i made about want to harm myself probably why they doing this. while this accident happen about almost a month ago probably almost 2 or 3 months ago. they all still very concerned. i have to do it. no if’s or but’s about it. everything that has been sent to me will be sent to them by the end of this or next week. while i’m kind of over it they not and they really wanna get involved on what’s been going on. while this a good thing i can finally delete everything and we can finally move on with our lives. it’s also sort of a bad thing. listen up. whatever happens. happens. okay? hopefully this will teach all of us a lesson. i don’t know what’s gonna happen. i’m bit worried because if they get police involved they probably gonna either try to track people down or something else. o_o  i’m very worried now. i don’t know what to say or do. anyway i don’t know will this be permeant or not but they also said something about recording my time online too. guys whatever happens. happens. i can’t do anything about it. i wanna say that for people who did try to help me thanks a lot. you guys tried to help me. i don’t know how they gonna react to this. so :\


Very important and sad news coming soon. not about tintin (maybe) but about me and this site all together.


Guys I understand that my page is an mess right now. once all of this is over and done with i will clean it up. i’m not sure when will this be over with but once it done I will clean it up. 



Should I stay? that’s the real question. if this post gets about 5-10 likes i’ll see what can I do and work on for me staying here. this only if you people really care because i’m not gonna waste my time doing this and people still break my rules and disrespect me in some kind of way. you already see what happen with the asks so if this post don’t do good get ready for another vent/rant. too much crap is going on in my real life so coming on here and have to deal with people I don’t even know in real life is a lot and make me sick mentally. most likely if no one cares. I don’t have to be here but since I wanna make friends and don’t really have to much to go since i’m disabled i’m here to keep me happy and not bored and lonely all the time. the anonymous person who said tumblr is a toxic place. I know and that’s why i’m trying to find out how can I stay on here and be happy. i’m like a child guys so I really need people to guide me on here and make sure i’m happy and safe. you see? because i’m not gonna be at some place where i’m am not happy and safe.  i’m also to point of blocking people because getting so tired of seeing things that make me upset. I been like this for almost a week or two. so speak up now we can all move on with our lives and put this to rest so I can be happy and go back posting tintin related stuff like was doing before. i want page to run smoothly again. *sighs* *facepalm* >:(  :’(