Category: I think you’ll be fine!

Friends at marlinspike hall. I suppose to go to the dentist by the end of this month because of tooth pain. any tips on how to not be afraid? i’m not sure what they gonna do but i’m scared it gonna hurt because it hurt it two times when I was younger. I know they there to help me. but some dentist are mean. what should I do?

Captain: The dentist, huh? I can agree that they aren’t the most pleasant trip, but if you understand that what they are doing is for your own good, then it certainly becomes much better and easier. When you’re younger, things do tend to hurt more, so now that you’re older you can be a bit tougher, right?

Tintin: Exactly! You’ve just got to be brave. While it’s happening, you can even try to distract yourself – perhaps sing a song to yourself in your head? Or even try writing a story in your head? Distracting yourself will prove most effective. But most importantly, remember that you’ll feel much better once its all over!

Calculus: I believe that dentists have developed a method in order for the process to be extremely painless. I don’t think you’ll have a problem as they are all highly qualified – one of my friends had to get top grades in order to qualify for the position!

Nestor: As the Master said, a positive mindset will certainly ease your fears. Mr Tintin also offers a solution that I believe would work as well.

Snowy: (The dentist? Tintin rarely goes there, but if he does he’s always scared the day before… except he’s always thankful that he went. Just be brave and I’m sure everything will be fine!)