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Asexual Character of the Day: Tintin from The Adventures of Tintin

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yet another happy fifteenth, everybody (and don’t forget tintin can count to sixteen!)◝(⁰▿⁰)◜

Why does milou have a girls name when he'…

Why does milou have a girls name when he's a boy? I think its a nice name and I know boys can have girls names but did you choose "milou" for a reason?


“I named Milou after a lady I knew when I was small.”

Tintin held back the full story. Milou, the lady, was a volunteer who worked at the orphanage for 2 weeks. Tintin only knew her very briefly when he was 6, but remembers her like he met her yesterday. She was no older than 17, but a 6 year old like himself saw her as grown-up.

It is important to note there was a rule in the orphanage that no affection was shown to the boys for they would only get attached to people. Most of the boys didn’t stay there for long so it was better to prevent attachment between staff and children. While the rule had the boys’ best interests at heart, it was far more damaging than they could imagine – it starved them from the affection a child needs. There had been many volunteers who passed through the orphanage who followed this rule, but Milou didn’t.

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Modern-day Tintin taking a selfie whenever he catches a bunch of villains or recovers an ancient artifact.

The paper prints the selfies with the articles.


I also imagine his social media feed mostly consists of photos and short videos of Snowy being cute along with photos from his adventures.

And then gradually little bits of Haddock appear (an arm, a bit of hair, his pipe), and then before long, there’s family shots of Haddock holding Snowy with Tintin smiling… This could be a fic.




Modern-day Tintin taking a selfie whenever he catches a bunch of villains or recovers an ancient artifact.

The paper prints the selfies with the articles.


I also imagine his social media feed mostly consists of photos and short videos of Snowy being cute along with photos from his adventures.


I like to think Tintin is a collector whether it be books, typewriters, ornaments, hats. Which is fine when he’s filling his own apartment, but when he’s living with you and he brings home another fucking vase…

I 100% imagine him buying an entire new screwdriver set because the case is nicer than his other 20 screwdriver sets.



for the longest time I’ve subscribed to the headcanon that Tintin can’t cook for shit, but I honestly don’t know what would be more hilarious:

  • he simply burns everything he makes to a charred crisp bc he’s impatient af around a stove/oven and turns the knob to Max Heat every time
  • whatever he makes looks perfectly normal and edible but tastes atrocious bc he keeps putting in weird-ass “experimental” ingredients that he picked up from his trips abroad

ok but speaking of tintin what does his fellow journalists, the one working in the same newspaper as him, think of this adventurous guy

Honestly, I feel like it would be Complicated.

Like his fellow journalists feel like they should be annoyed with this guy.  There he goes, travelling all over the world while they’re stuck doing local news, probably thinks he’s so good getting all these far-flung impossible stories, it’s not like they can be real anyway he must be making them up, no one just fights gorillas in towers in Scotland that doesn’t just HAPPEN.  He’s frustratingly popular and his articles are always in high demand and he hardly ever seems to come into the office, does he think he’s better than everyone else?? fuck that guy.

That’s how people think they should feel about him.

Except for the little problem that Tintin is too damn likable for his own good.

Every so often a new journalist will get hired on, and they’ve seen this guy’s articles, they’ve heard the stories, and they’re all ready to be nasty (and jealous) of this guy… until the very next time Tintin comes into the office and they talk for like five minutes.  At which point you can’t help but like Tintin, because Tintin seems to genuinely and sincerely like just about everyone else.  Tintin absolutely thinks you are fascinating and he can’t wait to talk about the latest article you’ve been investigating about greengrocer price hikes and he might tell stories about his adventures if prompted but he’s so engaging and so humble about it all, as if being invited to fly to the fucking MOON is no big deal, and he just happened to be in the right place at the right time that every single reporter leaves feeling… well, not only good about him but good about themselves.

So yes, Tintin, despite all expectations and common sense, is incredibly well-liked by his colleagues.

“Tintin is mature for his age.” – I disagree.Don’t get me wrong I don’t think he’s immature for his…

“Tintin is mature for his age.” – I disagree.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think he’s immature for his age, I just think he behaves like a teen/young adult. Tintin may mature during the series, but he’s still a naïve, somewhat immature young adult by the end of it – as much as I’d expect a young adult to be.

I view the books like they are written in Tintin’s perspective and I reckon he thinks he’s maturer than he is because he can solve practical problems quickly and calmly which does require a level of maturity. From his perspective, his actions are always justified and the villains are usually wrong and evil and he writes his articles from that point of view. This black and white mindset is quite immature, but I’d expect it because he’s young. In reality he usually means well but he’s incredibly reckless and sometimes over-reacts (punching people in the face etc.) and has the typical teen/young person mindset that he’s invincible and puts himself and his friends into danger without considering the consequences.

He often depicts older people as hectic, like as if he doesn’t really understand them. To me this is obvious with Haddock. In the books, Haddock seems to be the immature one – don’t get me wrong I don’t think Haddock is perfect, he’s still bad tempered with a drinking habit – but I think Haddock’s behaviour is largely to do with the stress of looking after a lovely but out-of-control kid who’s going to end up killing himself if he keeps it up. I reckon if the books were in Haddock’s point of view, they’d be less heroic and far more tragic – Haddock desperately trying to get the boy to stop finding gratification in being a “hero” and realise that he’s already worth more than that (to Haddock at least).

I don’t think Tintin’s a bad kid, but I do think he’s just a boy even when he’s an adult. I find it amusing that this site seems to think that turning 18 means you’ve reached 100% maturity and you know the ins-and-outs of the world and what’s right and wrong, when in reality that’s rarely the case. In Tintin’s case he becomes an delightful yet semi-immature 18-20 y/o like one would expect.

I doubt the books were deliberately written like this and I’m probably over-thinking it as per usual, but to me it seems realistic and interesting. What do you guys think?

I love your blog! ❤ What do you think is Tintin’s sexuality?

Thanks! I’ve been abandoning my blogs recently so thank you for sticking with me!

Good question! I think he’d be ace and either demi-romantic or aro (I haven’t made up my mind) – he just seems so disinterested in romantic relationships in the books. However, I think he’d expect himself to marry and would marry his best friend/life partner – so in that sorta sense I think he’d be bi because he can be best friends with any gender. However, considering he grew up in the mid 1900’s, I think he’d expect himself to marry a woman just because that’s what society was like then.

On the other hand, in a modern AU when society has changed, I doubt he’d restrict himself so much and could spend the rest of his life with either a man or a woman.

What do you guys think?