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This is an ad for a Tintin\Hergé club for thei…

This is an ad for a Tintin\Hergé club for their #65 magazine. here’s a rare drawing of Tintin sitting on his own stacks of books and some of other Hergé characters books in French. 

from looking at things this probably was ad originally for Flight 714 though I could be wrong.

89 years.

89 years.

Happy 89th Birthday to Baby Boy and Snowy!

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Uh, what happened to the crowd behind Mr. Wang and Chang at the…

Uh, what happened to the crowd behind Mr. Wang and Chang at the end of “The Blue Lotus”? Also, Yay! Finally, I get to post a book mistake!

Here’s another Tintin on HBO commercial. this commercial aired on April 6, 1992 on the same day The…

Here’s another Tintin on HBO commercial. this commercial aired on April 6, 1992 on the same day The Search For Snowy TV Game Show beginning to started.

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This was a brand  new episode. it was Tintin In Tibet. so from looking at this commercial it was on season two and this is episode six of season two. next week on the 13 of April would be part two and so on. only one more season, 5 more months, and 19 episodes before the show was over.    

Tintin aired every week night on HBO from 7:30 to 8:00pm. the last episode was aired September 28, 1992 after this the show would of played reruns on Nickelodeon. 

Fun Fact: Did you know in this Tintin series Tintin in America was the last episode instead of Tintin and the Picaros and/or Alph- Art. that because Alph-Art was unfinished and the animators aired the show out of order. 

I kind of like the ending the show. it could of been better. but I like how they show Tintin actually doing his work and finishing it and get a telephone call of some type of trouble. and Tintin and Snowy off to a unknown adventure. maybe they was on their way to Egypt. or maybe somewhere else different. ^_^ 

PS: kind of funny that Tintin come to America and somewhat ended in America with this series airing on HBO in the United States. not to mention the game show too. could it be chance he stayed in America? who knows. XD

Look what I found on web. if you saw my last post of a HBO…

Look what I found on web. if you saw my last post of a HBO Tintin game show The search of Snowy.

i’m guessing doing the time 1991-1992 they was selling Tintin products . So when the kids got their certificates or money. they could of gone all the way to New York to FAO Schwarz Toy store and brought Tintin stuff if they wanted too! that’s so cool! 😀 I wish I born a bit earlier because that’s too neat. i’m pretty sure those kids had a great time. 

Fun Fact: FAO Schwarz Toy Store was the biggest,oldest,famous toy store in the world. it’s was in movies like Home Alone 2. they sell toys from all over the world. people also liked the big piano they had which was on the floor and you could step on it and make music if you wanted. sadly the toy store closed in 2015. but it could be a chance it may come back. who knows. 

bewarethebibliophilia:Detail of a panel of The Crab with the…


Detail of a panel of The Crab with the Golden Claws from one of the old printings

This so hilarious to me. I find it cute that the cat likes…

This so hilarious to me. I find it cute that the cat likes Tintin but find it so funny how he told it to leave and it’s comes back and he hit hand when he was trying to be quiet. X’D I wish they kept this in the book cause it too funny to me. this is a missing scene from the prisoners of the sun. it was taken out because as you know Tintin stories suppose to be 62 pages long.

Even Herge made mistakes. In May 8, 1947 two pages of the temple…

Even Herge made mistakes. In May 8, 1947 two pages of the temple of the sun appeared in the Tintin magazine. Herge received a following letter. 

Brussels, 8 May 1947
I was so far an admirer of your beautiful talent, and it was with real pleasure that I bought your diary every week for my young son. However, I regret to have to abstain from it now, and the nature of some of the expressions reproduced therein is incompatible with the conception that I am doing with a well-understood education.
Indeed, what was not my surprise when I heard yesterday my son used the term “Clysopompe” which you placed yourself, I was quick to learn, in captain haddock’s mouth! I want to assume, given your past, that you have used this highly unseemly term without suspecting the exact meaning, but in this case, it is true that you have acted with an incomprehensible lightness. You see me as pained as shocked.
Please accept, sir, my distinguished greetings.
Paul Devigne
Rue de la rainette, 12
Herge replied without delay, the following day:
Brussels, 9 May 1947
I just read your letter from yesterday and I don’t yet realize exactly what happened to me!
Of course, I immediately consulted my dictionary, which was quick to give you reason and to teach me that I acted like a dizzy.
You will believe me, I hope, sir, if i tell you that the word that shocked you – and I understand it now – I would give him a different meaning: He did not awaken, in my mind, that the image of A small instrument of physics as it exists.
I am very confused to learn from you the use of this tool and I would like to confess that I have made a mistake.
Of course, this word will be removed from captain haddock’s vocabulary when he speaks in Tintin’s album, and this thanks to your intervention: what I thank you for.
On Reflection, however, I think, sir, that the thing will go unnoticed and the children will see only fire.
For almost twenty-five years I’ve been trying to interest them in my comic books, this is the first time that a mishap of this kind has happened to me: I have not yet returned!
I would be sorry that this “ accident ” now modifiat the sympathy that you have been willing to grant me for so long, and, while beating my breast, I promise you, dear sir, “ to do better next time ”
Believe that I am grateful to you for telling me your thoughts and receive, please, with my apologies, the assurance of my best feelings.
G. Remi – Herge
His letter returned to him on 3 June with the words “ unknown ” and “ return to sender ” there was no such thing as Paul Devigne.

The real auteur
It was only later that the real author of this event was Jacques Van Melkebeke, friend and collaborator of herge, familiar with this type of faculties.

Still, in the album, the box in question does not appear.
Perhaps it is also due to a new division of history,the album should not exceed 62 pages rather than a question of respect for… Propriety.
Note to collectors: this is number 19 of 8 May 8, 1947.

So I looked up the word and turns out it means a pipe with pump used for enemas. XD 

That’s kind of funny but I can understand where Melkebeke was coming from. we all make mistakes. You will not see this in the album but you will see it in the Tintin magazine of May 8, 1947 if it’s haven’t already had been removed.


I was surprise she even put snowy on it! I thought she couldn’t put two characters. but she did. so that made me happy. I love it! it’s very cute! you can tell who it is if your a Tintin fan. she tried her best and that’s what all matters. I’m actually kind of sad i have to eat it because I like it very much and it’s too cute! :3

I got this done at Great American Cookies. if you live in the states you should try their cookies. they’re delicious! :3