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Art by Andy Santoso

thenewadventuresoftintin: Art by Andy Santoso


Art by Andy Santoso



By Andy Santoso

politelyscribblingaway: couple’a boy reporter…


couple’a boy reporters.

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nocheenventarron: Inktober prompt #1, OTP style! “Holding hands”


Inktober prompt #1, OTP style! “Holding hands”

tintinmistakes:Uh, what happened to the crowd behind Mr. Wang…


Uh, what happened to the crowd behind Mr. Wang and Chang at the end of “The Blue Lotus”? Also, Yay! Finally, I get to post a book mistake!

Tintin, do you still have your poncho that you wore to Peru? Can you please wear that outfit? I think it makes you look very cute!

I certainly do! And well… I suppose I can. Just quickly. Chang might like to see what I wore on that trip anyway – he always told me he wished he could have joined me.

After Tintin finished putting the outfit on, Chang rushed into the room and smiled in awe. Tintin gave him a whimsical smile.


Will this do?

Hello everyone! It’s an honor to meet you all. I’m getting ready to leave for school, and I was wondering if some of you would mind telling me about your school experiences? Were there any classes that were particularly difficult?

Tintin smiled as Snowy jumped around the girls feet in greeting. The dog seemed to have taken a liking to her, and Tintin had learned to trust whatever Snowy thought of people. He offered a hand in greeting.

Enchanté! Lovely to meet you. Well, I quite enjoyed school! I was um… naturally good at most of my classes, so I didn’t struggle too often. I excelled the best at english and history. My weak point is maths, unfortunately. As you get older, it becomes far harder. Good luck!

Haddock: School was quite a number of years ago for me, so I can’t quite remember all of it… I was never good at too many subjects. I really struggled with writing as far as I remember but er… I was quite good on the stage and with arts.

Calculus: It’s a very important part of your life, but I don’t think you should put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t worry – you’ll be able to find something you’re good at. Personally, I was always strongest with maths and science, but I was still an all-rounded student.

Nestor: I can’t really say that I ever went to a proper school. I was home-schooled by my mother, and she mainly taught me maths and english. I was never particularly great at either. But I think you’re best off choosing the subjects you enjoy, so keeping that in mind will make your experience better.

Chang: Oh where do I begin? My best subjects are maths and languages, but I’m simply terrible at biology and chemistry. I have to study twice as hard for each of those subjects. I recommend that if you take chemistry, you should be prepared to ask a lot of questions in class. Even just remembering the subject makes me feel… awful…

Chank! Do you like chess? You will play often with TinTin?

Well, yes I do enjoy chess a lot. I always play it with my parents and I often played it with my other school friends. But er…

Chang gave a sheepish smile as Tintin gave him a mocking grin.

I’m not very good at it. Not compared to Tintin anyway! He always beats me so I think he’s gotten a tad bit bored of me always losing. On the other hand, Mr Nestor will sometimes play with me and I’m sometimes able to beat him!

Nestor, overhearing the conversation allowed himself to smile before continuing his dusting. He often went easy on the boy, but it seemed as though Chang hadn’t picked up on this.


Chang, it’s wonderful to see you in Marlinspike! Have the fellas given you the grand tour of the city yet?

Chang nodded his head with enthusiasm.

Yes, it certainly is lovely to be here. I’ve been here twice before and Tintin showed me around on my first trip so I’ve already had the grand tour. But I do believe Tintin mentioned that he would be taking me somewhere new today! Professor Calculus apparently played a part in the creation of a new museum exhibition just on the outskirts of town and Captain seemed quite excited to head there.

The boy gave a suspicious gaze out towards where Tintin was seated with the morning paper. He gave a concerned tilt of his head before turning back.


I wonder what the exhibition could be on?