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A few pictures of some new Tintin watches comi…

A few pictures of some new Tintin watches coming this May. ^_^

Name: Catherine (I don’t have a last name for her right now.)Nicknames (close friends and people she…

Name: Catherine (I don’t have a last name for her right now.)

Nicknames (close friends and people she knows): cat, cathy,

Age:13-mid 20s (that’s how far I might go with her.)

Birthday: August 25th

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Hair color: brown

Eye color:brown


Likes: her mother and father (sometimes), her brother and sister (sometimes), her best friend (sometimes), her uncle, her grandmother, her aunt, captain haddock (sometimes), tintin, snowy (as long he don’t bite), the thom(p)sons (sometimes), bianca castafiore (sometimes), professor calculus (if wear his hearing aid more), ice cream floats, donuts, chocolate cake, cooking, shirley temple (child actor),shopping, stuffed animals, photos, working at her job, working on the farm (until she gets older), listening to music/radio,watching tv, hanging out with friends (sometimes family) cleaning (until she gets older), loves to smile and laugh. (she like a lot more things but i’m just going stop here as of right now.)

Dislikes:being told what to do (sometimes), bullies, getting in trouble, smoking,drinking, rude people, sad stories, people who are sad, getting worry and nervous, when people die or get hurt, being segregated/rules because of her nationality, people calling her cat or cathy if she don’t know them, people who act like they not very bright, lies, working on the farm (like it when she was younger about 10) cleaning (like it when she was younger about 10), dogs and cats (liking them when she was younger but became afraid as got older as long they bite or scratch she’s fine.) chickens (another bad story about her living on the farm with chickens. she don’t like talking about it.),scary movies.

Catherine is a young lady who spend her time working and cleaning on a farm that her father owns. she’s the baby of the family and last of her brother and sister . when having farm it much more easier to get things they need without going to the market. such as of milk,eggs,etc. when not working the farm she at school or at work once she hit her late teens years. when it’s her free time, she loves to cook, shop, listening to music/radio,watching tv, and hanging out with her friends. she can be quite a prankster and most all a flirter once she hit her mid-teen years. as she gets older she begin not liking the farm anymore. due her strict parents and the time she living in. once she hit her early 20’s she will move away from the farm and go to the city. she still visit and calls her parents sometimes.

There! I finally did it! it took awhile because I been depressed and I didn’t save it the last time. but yay! now all I got to do is draw them and stuff. here’s my “character” bio for all my followers been looking for. remember this is a real person. @asktintin if you see this here’s a few info about her. as of tintin world, the stuff with tintin may changes. as of right now i’m keeping it like this. 

Considering october is right around the corner, do any of you have plans for halloween?

Tintin frowned and shook his head.

Tintin: I’ve never really celebrated Halloween. It was never a huge thing anywhere that I’ve lived. I’ve only heard about it from reading books and from my trip to America I believe.

The Captain, overhearing the mention of Halloween popped his head into the room.

Captain: I’ve participated in its activities once or twice, but nothing recently. Nestor mentioned that his family never celebrated it, and Cuthbert has only read about it. Quite strange really! I’ve heard it’s very big in other countries!

Tintin nodded as his eyebrows furrowed in thought.

Tintin: Yes indeed. I don’t ever get too involved in many holidays though. I predominantly just celebrate Christmas. Maybe we’ll have to give Halloween a try this year…


Hello everyone! It’s an honor to meet you all. I’m getting ready to leave for school, and I was wondering if some of you would mind telling me about your school experiences? Were there any classes that were particularly difficult?

Tintin smiled as Snowy jumped around the girls feet in greeting. The dog seemed to have taken a liking to her, and Tintin had learned to trust whatever Snowy thought of people. He offered a hand in greeting.

Enchanté! Lovely to meet you. Well, I quite enjoyed school! I was um… naturally good at most of my classes, so I didn’t struggle too often. I excelled the best at english and history. My weak point is maths, unfortunately. As you get older, it becomes far harder. Good luck!

Haddock: School was quite a number of years ago for me, so I can’t quite remember all of it… I was never good at too many subjects. I really struggled with writing as far as I remember but er… I was quite good on the stage and with arts.

Calculus: It’s a very important part of your life, but I don’t think you should put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t worry – you’ll be able to find something you’re good at. Personally, I was always strongest with maths and science, but I was still an all-rounded student.

Nestor: I can’t really say that I ever went to a proper school. I was home-schooled by my mother, and she mainly taught me maths and english. I was never particularly great at either. But I think you’re best off choosing the subjects you enjoy, so keeping that in mind will make your experience better.

Chang: Oh where do I begin? My best subjects are maths and languages, but I’m simply terrible at biology and chemistry. I have to study twice as hard for each of those subjects. I recommend that if you take chemistry, you should be prepared to ask a lot of questions in class. Even just remembering the subject makes me feel… awful…

9emeart: Dessin pour une serviette de bain Hergé


Dessin pour une serviette de bain


babypoof08: babypoof08: babypoof08: Haddock is so awesome….




Haddock is so awesome. :3

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Hello- a question for everyone. Do you enjoy singing? Are you any good at it? Care to demonstrate..?

Tintin merely chucked at the question. He decided to answer for everyone.

No one really sings particularly often around here. Nestor has a nice opera voice, but he rarely uses it for the sake of the Captain. Professor Calculus doesn’t enjoy singing. The Captain isn’t bad, but doesn’t often sing. I’ll sometimes er… sing to Snowy but that’s about it.

Tintin glanced down at his dog who was giving a huge grin. He smiled back.

Snowy is an excellent singer though – he accompanied Madame Castefiore during one of her performances!


(And from me, I whole heartedly recommend the musical soundtrack (Le Temple Du Soleil)! If you enjoy Tintin related things, it’s an absolute must – the songs are absolutely stunning in both Dutch and French. Go listen to Tintin’s singing voice as soon as you can! The song he’s singing to Snowy is called “Milou et Moi” and it is the sweetest thing ever.)

Chang, it’s wonderful to see you in Marlinspike! Have the fellas given you the grand tour of the city yet?

Chang nodded his head with enthusiasm.

Yes, it certainly is lovely to be here. I’ve been here twice before and Tintin showed me around on my first trip so I’ve already had the grand tour. But I do believe Tintin mentioned that he would be taking me somewhere new today! Professor Calculus apparently played a part in the creation of a new museum exhibition just on the outskirts of town and Captain seemed quite excited to head there.

The boy gave a suspicious gaze out towards where Tintin was seated with the morning paper. He gave a concerned tilt of his head before turning back.


I wonder what the exhibition could be on?

If you could return to any country you’ve visited on your adventures, which country would it be?

Tintin smiled wistfully as he thought back to all the places he’s visited. He let his hand fall down beside him and gently patted Snowy as he spoke.

That’s a tough question. Peru was quite lovely, so it might be nice to head back there. I would definitely love to visit Zorrino if I had the chance.

The Captain and the Professor both nod in agreement before going back to their respective work.Tintin stood up and moved toward his office where he began to rummage through some of the newspaper articles that spoke of his adventures. Upon finding a photograph he stopped looking and smiled at it.

I also enjoyed the atmosphere at Kiltoch – a day out to the Black Island might be a nice trip with the Captain!


Friends at marlinspike hall. I suppose to go to the dentist by the end of this month because of tooth pain. any tips on how to not be afraid? i’m not sure what they gonna do but i’m scared it gonna hurt because it hurt it two times when I was younger. I know they there to help me. but some dentist are mean. what should I do?

Captain: The dentist, huh? I can agree that they aren’t the most pleasant trip, but if you understand that what they are doing is for your own good, then it certainly becomes much better and easier. When you’re younger, things do tend to hurt more, so now that you’re older you can be a bit tougher, right?

Tintin: Exactly! You’ve just got to be brave. While it’s happening, you can even try to distract yourself – perhaps sing a song to yourself in your head? Or even try writing a story in your head? Distracting yourself will prove most effective. But most importantly, remember that you’ll feel much better once its all over!

Calculus: I believe that dentists have developed a method in order for the process to be extremely painless. I don’t think you’ll have a problem as they are all highly qualified – one of my friends had to get top grades in order to qualify for the position!

Nestor: As the Master said, a positive mindset will certainly ease your fears. Mr Tintin also offers a solution that I believe would work as well.

Snowy: (The dentist? Tintin rarely goes there, but if he does he’s always scared the day before… except he’s always thankful that he went. Just be brave and I’m sure everything will be fine!)