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Telling you guys right now that i will no longer accept anonymous asks. yes i know it sucks. but it’s better for me to know who you are. you don’t have to be afraid of me i’m shy too and have severe anxiety so if you got anything to ask and want it to be anonymous do so now. i’m gonna leave them on for about a week or 2. 


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1. Name: BabyPoof08\Poof (i don’t give out my real name only if i want to. but i mostly give out my nicknames. we have to be close friends for me to give out my real name.)

2. Zodiac sign: Cancer\Leo (i’m mostly go by cancer.)

3. Height: 5’2 with shoes off. 5’3 with shoes on. (yes i’m short. but not too short. :p.)

4. Languages spoken: English. (i learned a bit of spanish while i was in school. but it isn’t advance. so basic espanol? supongo?…. no?…. :p.)

5. Nationality: American. (but do not support the thing that’s going on at the white house. if you do that’s fine but don’t bring it to me. )

6. Favorite fruit: Grapes. 

7. Favorite scent: When it’s rains.

8. Favorite color: Blue. like light blue. baby blue. soft blue. etc. whatever they call it these days.

9. Favorite animal: Pandas. :3 (i also like dolphins, seals, polor bears, pigs, cows, monkeys, baby chicks- i like animals. XD :3)

11.Favorite fictional character: Right now it’s Tintin but i have alot of favorite fictional characters. :3

12. Dream trip: Brussels,Belguim

13. When is your blog created?: i don’t remember as of right now…

14. Last movie you watched: The Adventures of Tintin 2011 (probably 100 times by now. X’D)

15. Song you’ve had on repeat: the last song on my blog. that’s one my favorite songs since i was little. XD :3

16. Favorite candy: Chocolate.

17. Favorite holiday: Christmas.

18. Favorite MCU character: I don’t think i have one.

19. Favorite MCU movie: I don’t think have one.

20. Favorite food: I have alot of favorite foods but right now i’m gonna say ice cream. :3

I tag any of my followers or anyone who wants do this. 


Very important and sad news coming soon. not about tintin (maybe) but about me and this site all together.


I wanna thank everyone for all the birthday wishes! i know i’m a week late but i was still getting wishes even after my birthday. XD 

In all i got about 102 birthday wishes! 💝

Thank you guys so much you all very sweet. you guys made my day little bit better. i hope this year for me will be full with happiness and new surprises.😊 

and once again thank you all! 😊

For people missed my birthday was on the 22th of July. i think that will come in handy for next year. XD

anyway, thank you all! 😊



Today is my birthday! 🎈🎂 😃 Happy Birthday to me! yay! yay for me! 😊😄😋 :3 XD


Today is my birthday! 🎈🎂 😃 Happy Birthday to me! yay! yay for me! 😊😄😋 :3 XD


Cathy is part native american! 😀 cathy great great great great grandmother was native and so was her great great great grandfather. (there could be a chance cathy also has caucasian in her family WAY far down her family line and not in a good way.) 

The group of her line for native americans is Cherokee. these natives was were concentrated in Southwestern North Carolina, Southeastern Tennessee and the tips of Western South Carolina and Northeastern Georgia. 

Cathy GGGG grandmother and GGG grandfather must was from Northeastern Georgia! (or they moved\ their families brought there.) it could be a chance half of their families neither die,killed, or was remove due to the pilgrims and the Indian Removal act of 1830′s and 1840′s WAY down their family line. 🙁

cathy, baby doll, i love you. i love you so much. you’re amazing.

this starting to get deep and i sort of love it. (?)


So I just found out that i have severe anxiety. that’s explains a lot why i’m always so anxious. i wish i known sooner. 😐 but now kind of happy now that i know. 🙂


Ugh.I feel so sick. i don’t know anymore. i feel like throwing up. i don’t think i handle this site. i’m sorry guys. i need sometime for myself. i probably be back on my birthday or so. this site was a bad idea. and i was too blind to see it. i’m about to give up. and not trying to hurt myself either. but leaving because this  place is too much for my health. for all the people who send me nice messages and replies. thank you so much. i’m still planning to stay but I really need to fix some stuff before planning on staying here. ugh. i feel such a mess. *sighs*. god i feel so stupid. *facepalm* 


So it’s a official that i do have mood disorder\s. it’s just now i have to find out what which one\s i have. :\ wish me luck.