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really? you're asking for likes for atten…

really? you're asking for likes for attention? please leave. you're the toxic one here.

lol. yes i’m asking for likes because that will help me figure out should i stay or should i go and figure out how to stay on here being happy and safe. did you read the post? i’m just doing it to see people care so i can work something out. 

"Please read if you care". you didn&…

"Please read if you care". you didn't care about my friend when you bullied her. she is the nicest person and forgave every bad thing you did but you treated her like shit. fuck you babypoof. maybe you'd have friends if you treated them better. DO NOT BE FRIENDS WITH BABYPROOF, SHE IS A BULLY AND A LIAR. she says she's depressed for attention. SHE IS LYING TO YOU ALL. i'm not even in the tintin fandom. i had to track you down to tell you i hate you. YOU'RE A BULLY shame on you

LMBO. who are you? I never bullied anyone on this site. you do not know me in real life. why would you track me down? well fine i dislike you too. you know hate isn’t an nice word. you should learn some manners. i find it funny if you was brave enough you would show yourself. honestly you not brave because you put yourself as anon. i’m not sure what friend you talking about because i never bullied anyone on here. if I did then i’m sorry but that’s apart of my disability which i’m working on. though. i never bullied anyone so i’m am very confuse who you talking about. by the way i been bullied all my life so i know how bullying feels. anyway i’m gonna post this up for all to see because i want everyone see you make a fool out of yourself. 


Should I stay? that’s the real question. if this post gets about 5-10 likes i’ll see what can I do and work on for me staying here. this only if you people really care because i’m not gonna waste my time doing this and people still break my rules and disrespect me in some kind of way. you already see what happen with the asks so if this post don’t do good get ready for another vent/rant. too much crap is going on in my real life so coming on here and have to deal with people I don’t even know in real life is a lot and make me sick mentally. most likely if no one cares. I don’t have to be here but since I wanna make friends and don’t really have to much to go since i’m disabled i’m here to keep me happy and not bored and lonely all the time. the anonymous person who said tumblr is a toxic place. I know and that’s why i’m trying to find out how can I stay on here and be happy. i’m like a child guys so I really need people to guide me on here and make sure i’m happy and safe. you see? because i’m not gonna be at some place where i’m am not happy and safe.  i’m also to point of blocking people because getting so tired of seeing things that make me upset. I been like this for almost a week or two. so speak up now we can all move on with our lives and put this to rest so I can be happy and go back posting tintin related stuff like was doing before. i want page to run smoothly again. *sighs* *facepalm* >:(  :’(




my life just keep getting worst


I got some really bad news.i just found out i’m probably gonna need help for the rest of my life.*sighs* this doesn’t bothers me but it does scares me. not everybody nice and the world is cruel and evil. i don’t know what the future holds now. i’m still young but this thought worries me. i don’t know where i’m going and who’s gonna take care of me when my family gone. my family are still young but, you know. i always get these sad news everytime my birthday close by. i guess it’s best to know since i’m getting older. i don’t know who am i’m anymore or where i’m going. i guess all I can do is pray and don’t think about it until that time comes. 🙁 this month hasn’t been at all good. i hope this month ends soon.

I'm really sorry you feel that way. But s…

I'm really sorry you feel that way. But sadly its the truth, tumblr is a toxic place. Once they find something they haunt you with their hate. I really enjoy and like the content you post since Tintin is something dear from my childhood. And seeing it from time to time on my dash means a lot to me. Maybe you should give it a while and people will come asking things. It isn't much but I hope you feel better soon and not frustrated anymore.

I know. but i always thought this site was more grown up then sites i been on in the past. i guess i was wrong. i don’t think i’m gonna leave anytime soon but if it’s gets too bad for my health then i may won’t have any choice. i don’t wanna leave but i don’t wanna be hurt either. and thank you for following me. i’m glad you like my content. i may post more. i may not. right now i’m in a pickle and i’m not feeling happy about it. and thanks. i don’t know who you are because your anonymous but you can always sent me asks if you like. as long their not too personal. if it comes to that point i prefer people messaging me on messager. i really prefer messager because it kind of easier to reply to and not everyone has to see my problems. XD and thank you. i hope i’ll feel better soon too. :\ 🙁


i’m starting get really p*ss off coming on here. I been really depressed for the past 6 days it’s getting to the point i’m starting to become paranoia coming on here. *sighs* I feel like crap. I usually come on here daily or when I feel like it but now i’m close to the point to shut down. this means probably never coming back or/and banned my account or just remove everything like I never exist on this site. that’s something I don’t wanna do. but if it’s better for my health then so be it. i’m so upset right now. I always get myself into these stupid situations then i’m the one who suffer because i’m not always good solving problems. I have a mild learning disability. I put it on my tag line. it’s most likely no body reading it. so if you don’t read it you just not trying to read it and who ever say something or do anything that make me upset is your fault. I don’t know anymore. i’m gonna keep ranting until stuff like this stops. probably not. so you gonna keep hearing from me. this is ridiculous. I guess coming on here to make friends and stuff was an bad idea. i’m so stupid because I always do stupid stuff like this. then I get hurt. god I feel so gosh darn stupid. I always do this to myself it’s because i’m difficult understanding some stuff. god. I feel like an idiot, butthole, and an loser. i’m nothing but a piece of crap. i’m disabled so I can’t do much. i’m just a piece crap. i’m so sorry for the people who have to see these posts but I’m just p*ss off. god. *sighs*


I feel such an idiot. but i’m not gonna say why though… it’s something personal. 🙁 :\


Cathy:Well how do ya do mr. handrat.😇 *batting eyelashes*

Haddock: Don’t come with me with that.😒

Cathy: 😀

Tintin: 😆


My birthday is next month!