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Tintin, uh… I feel like you really don’t want to wear your kilt outfit! Why is that? Isn’t it comfortable?

The young man gently pulled his fingers through his hair with a frown. He couldn’t admit the real reason… it was too embarrassing!

I just uh… It is very comfortable actually. I just don’t have it with me right now?

He wasn’t very convincing as he hid the real reason – he didn’t like having that much of his legs exposed! He was used to being teased for his skinny legs and felt very self-conscious when wearing his kilt.

But maybe one day I will wear it again. We’ll see.


guys! have you tried the Szechuan mcnugget dipping sauce? you see in 1998 mcdonald’s will do this promotion for the movie Mulan. I find out it’s gonna take 9 more seasons and 97 more years before we get that dipping sauce. I want that sauce!

I’m afraid that none of us around here know anything about a sauce that will be released in the future. Terribly sorry, but it sounds like it must be very good!


C’est mon anniversaire, fellas! And I have quite a lot of cakes from various people, but I don’t know if I can finish it all! Would y’all like any?

At the mention of cake, Tintin’s eyes lit up. However, he forced himself to remain composed as any true gentleman would.

Joyeux anniversaire! I hope you had a marvellous day, mon amie. And er… if you are quite sure you cannot finish it all… then…

The boy coughed and loosened his collar slightly before lowering his voice so that the others could’t hear him.

I’m sure I could have a piece or two. Or three. Or four. I do believe the others are on a diet and um… I don’t want to tempt them! But thank you for offering! You must be very kind to be giving away presents on your special day.

Tintin took the cake with a smile before devouring it at a rather rapid pace. Perhaps despite his mature exterior, there’s still some childish spirit inside him.


Tintin and Haddock! Would you spend your holidays in a camp that is famous for the legend of being the house of a murderer that goes around with a hockey mask (yeah he’s very fashion) and kills people with a machete?

The two men slightly cringed nervously at the mention of a murderer.

Tintin: Uh… probably not. It’s an unnecessary risk to take for little gain. However, I will admit that if there was a decent story there, some investigating may prove worthwhile-

Haddock: Lad, you are not going to stay at a camp with a murderer! Are you trying to make me worry about you?

Tintin: You’re right. Sorry Captain. But I do think that it could be interesting as long as we kept out of harm’s way. I wonder who it is behind the hockey mask anyway?

Haddock only rolled his eyes as Tintin thoughtfully pondered the question. There was no way he would let the lad go to a camp like that!


Erm Tintin… I’m not sure how to ask this. W-would you be willing to accompany me to a ball? *blushes* You don’t have to, but I’m a little bit nervous and I think I’d feel more comfortable if I went with someone brave like you! A lot of other girls already have a partner and… um… I would appreciate it!

Tintin tipped his head in confusion. Why did she seem so nervous to ask? But he offered a gentle smile in return to the question from his friend.

Of course I will. There’s no need to be worried. Just let me know the details so that I’ll be able to work around it. But I’d be delighted!


*gives Haddock, Tintin and Snowy flower crowns*


Tintin, what’s your opinion of cats? Do you get along with the Marlinspike cat? Can you please give me some details about that cat as well? Thank you!

I’m quite fond of animals, and cats are no exception. I think they’re lovely creatures and I do appreciate how they subtly show affection. The Captain’s cat is very pretty, don’t you think? I get along with her very well when Snowy isn’t chasing her around. She often comes and sits with me whilst I’m working or relaxing. She has a peaceful air to her…

Upon hearing this, Snowy who was currently situated on Tintin’s lap made an unimpressed expression. Tintin chuckled and stroked his fur to ease him.

Don’t you worry Snowy – you’re still my favourite! But yes, the Captain said that he always had a cat on board to help with pests, and even though he can’t sail now, having a cat around keeps him in a positive mindset. After all, he misses the sea immensely. Not that he’ll admit it, mind you. A friend of his apparently gave her to him after they had a litter of kittens, and she’s been here since! Her name is Marina, in case you were interested!


Tintin, do you still have your poncho that you wore to Peru? Can you please wear that outfit? I think it makes you look very cute!

I certainly do! And well… I suppose I can. Just quickly. Chang might like to see what I wore on that trip anyway – he always told me he wished he could have joined me.

After Tintin finished putting the outfit on, Chang rushed into the room and smiled in awe. Tintin gave him a whimsical smile.


Will this do?

(The one who punched you) Hey you’ve been amazing! I expected a “no” so when you grounded me you hurt me a little bit but it’s not important! XD I hope I didn’t annoy you anyway, friends like before? :) *open arms waiting a hug to make peace*

Tintin gave a small smile.

You didn’t annoy me exactly… and I suppose we’re still friends. I hope I didn’t hurt you too much…

He coughed and shuffled a little awkwardly as he noticed his friend wanted a hug. Caving in, he moved over and gave a very short hug before pulling away and giving a half-smile.


Considering october is right around the corner, do any of you have plans for halloween?

Tintin frowned and shook his head.

Tintin: I’ve never really celebrated Halloween. It was never a huge thing anywhere that I’ve lived. I’ve only heard about it from reading books and from my trip to America I believe.

The Captain, overhearing the mention of Halloween popped his head into the room.

Captain: I’ve participated in its activities once or twice, but nothing recently. Nestor mentioned that his family never celebrated it, and Cuthbert has only read about it. Quite strange really! I’ve heard it’s very big in other countries!

Tintin nodded as his eyebrows furrowed in thought.

Tintin: Yes indeed. I don’t ever get too involved in many holidays though. I predominantly just celebrate Christmas. Maybe we’ll have to give Halloween a try this year…