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I'm really sorry you feel that way. But s…

I'm really sorry you feel that way. But sadly its the truth, tumblr is a toxic place. Once they find something they haunt you with their hate. I really enjoy and like the content you post since Tintin is something dear from my childhood. And seeing it from time to time on my dash means a lot to me. Maybe you should give it a while and people will come asking things. It isn't much but I hope you feel better soon and not frustrated anymore.

I know. but i always thought this site was more grown up then sites i been on in the past. i guess i was wrong. i don’t think i’m gonna leave anytime soon but if it’s gets too bad for my health then i may won’t have any choice. i don’t wanna leave but i don’t wanna be hurt either. and thank you for following me. i’m glad you like my content. i may post more. i may not. right now i’m in a pickle and i’m not feeling happy about it. and thanks. i don’t know who you are because your anonymous but you can always sent me asks if you like. as long their not too personal. if it comes to that point i prefer people messaging me on messager. i really prefer messager because it kind of easier to reply to and not everyone has to see my problems. XD and thank you. i hope i’ll feel better soon too. :\ 🙁

ah, this is the fic anon! and thank you for yo…

ah, this is the fic anon! and thank you for your response! it means a lot and i thank you very much! (i'm pretty far in recovery but i'm doing my best to pace myself so that i don't have a big relapse,) but thank you so much, once again! 😀

No problem! Take care and happy writing

i sent an anon last night, i'm not sure i…

i sent an anon last night, i'm not sure if you got it or not but if you did then i apologize if it bothered you/upset you in some way

PSA to everyone: It can take me up to a week to answer messages sometimes. My silence never means I’m mad, just busy

I'm going to be writing a did where Tinti…

I'm going to be writing a did where Tintin gets into, goes through, and then recovers from an abusive relationship. It's going to be based off of my own experience in an abusive relationship, I'm not sure if I'll actually post it (maybe if people are interested! And because I'd like to think it might help people understand abuse more.) What do you think? (I look up to you a lot so that's why I'm asking! Sorry to be a bother if I am!)

It sounds like you’re approaching this from a really balanced perspective and I think you should absolutely go for it

The only thing I would suggest is to pace yourself depending on where you are in your own recovery. You might be handling some heavy-duty BS by exhuming this relationship for a story. Or, it may not be a problem for you at all! That’s your call. Only share what you’re comfortable with sharing. :’)

Sup! Are you still active? If so, could you te…

Sup! Are you still active? If so, could you tell me why you enjoy this ship so much? I ship it as well, and would like to hear different opinions about it! Thank you in advance!

Yes, I’m still active! Not as much as I’d like to be with life responsibilities and such, but I try.

I’m gonna stick this under a read more cause I could talk about these guys forever.

I always felt like Tintin and Haddock were in a relationship, ever since I was young. I never really considered why until recently, and I think it might be because so many cartoons at the time had this hackneyed underlying plot of heterosexual romance tacked on that felt really forced. Of course, nowadays there are brilliantly-written relationships between men and women that do healthy het friendships/romances justice, but at the time (and especially for a little queer like me) options were limited.

So here you have these two men who seem to have no inclination to spend time with anyone else, constantly enduring a wringer of danger and peril and coming through each time all the stronger for it. They spoke to each other like equals, but were still not shy about openly and tenderly consoling one another. Their companionship was far from perfect – it had its own ups and downs; its own difficulties. Growing up, that’s what I decided I wanted in a relationship. It just seemed so…different than anything I’d seen.

I can understand fans who don’t read into the relationship romantically; after all, it grinds my gears that it’s not socially acceptable for men to be platonically intimate with one another in any capacity. But I don’t think the concept of Tintin and Haddock having a romantic relationship is really that unreasonable or horrifying, either. Personally speaking, I always thought they had an odd sort of possessiveness over one another that was a little provocative.


I mean, there’s something kind of bizarre about two friends who use formal “vous” with each other but who visit one another near-daily and get deeply tangled in one another’s affairs without any deferential overtures. It’s almost, almost like consistently calling your best friend “sir” (just short of it; “vous” doesn’t really translate like that but you get the gist). And the weirdest part is, it goes both ways. They hold one another in higher regard than most everyone else, lost in their own little world. Not only is that profoundly touching, but, admittedly, a little suggestive…

Really though, I could go on. Like, forever.

i had a dream where tintin fought a murderer a…

i had a dream where tintin fought a murderer and ended up killing the guy

Dark, intense. Love it

i once had a dream milou was my dog and tintin…

i once had a dream milou was my dog and tintin had kidnapped him or there had been some mistake and he had adopted it (i wasn't sure in the dream) but i took milou and put him on my living room table and told him to 'stay' and tintin came to my house to look for him and i told milou to stand still and not move. it was super suspenseful and kinda terrifying even though all tintin did was go 'hmh' and stare at my sofa

Whatever this is, it’s canon now

a couple of weeks ago i had a dream where i ha…

a couple of weeks ago i had a dream where i had a threesome with thompson and thomson. part of me wants to write it while another part of me questions why i dreamt it altogether because i find them both annoying and they're definitely not my favorites… idk i'm sharing this with you but you're the only person i could think of to share it with! hope you enjoyed this ask !(ps.i love your blog, scrolling through it makes my day!<3)

Please everyone send me your weird Tintin dreams, I love this

why do you say your art is bad? that christmas…

why do you say your art is bad? that christmas artwork with tintin and haddock is very cute. it almost as herge style. your stuff is good. it's ten times better then i could do.

Thank you but don’t put yourself down! Besides I used 3 different references just to get the face, body positions and proportions right because they’d look like they’re melting

if I didn’t.

*a young lady with a birthday favor comes out a blow it in the young lady face* “Happy Happy Birthday to you! Happy Happy Brithday to you! Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Happy Birthday Happy Happy Birthday to you!” :D *tintin comes out with a half eaten cake a mash it in the birthday girl face* “Happy Birthday!” he said and “that was from 9 months ago!” (on asktintin) eeeeeheehehe Happy Birthday! enjoy another year…. *gulps* older. X’D

*Scrapes the cake from off my face and licks it from my fingers*

Mmm chocolate, yummy!

Thank you very much! This is very sweet, it made my day! ?