I mean, to be quite honest, the longer I’ve be…


I mean, to be quite honest, the longer I’ve been in love with this pairing, the less inclined I’ve actually felt to make nsfw fanart of it. That pretty much all migrated into my stories (which I’ve ever been happy to outsource elsewhere) and I always figured when I did get around to making fanart again of these two, it would be more nuanced and safe for work.

That being said, nothing matters if a 2.5 billion dollar company can’t build a halfway decent algorithm.

Regardless, whatever happens on December 17, I plan to keep on posting. However, just in case the system decides to keel me or make my online life perfectly miserable, I’m going to start shopping around now. Which is ironic, because my husband and I have to find a new house soon. These things always come in pairs, I’ve found.

So! I’m going to run a little survey. Shoot me a letter – where are you all thinking of heading, if anywhere?

A.) Pillowfort. They’re well-versed on state of the art things like basic programming.
B.) I use Twitter as my main hub and just externally link everything.
C.) I’ll catch you back on Dreamwidth.
D.) I just kind of openly indulge these sorts of interests in front of my friends and family on Facebook. It’s a hoot.
E.) I’m privy to some miraculous new platform you’ve never heard of, and I’ll totally spill the beans on it in the notes.