My blog still on lockdown this isn’t really tintin related. but i just wanna say i got all 6 of my teeth taken out wednesday. that’s all 4 of my wisdom teeth and two other teeth behind it. i’m on my 4\5 day and things still isn’t better. well, kind of better but not too better. my face and gums are still swell and sore. i can’t eat anything but soft foods like ice cream, milkshakes, jello, applesauce etc. i’m already taking 3 medicines for the pain and swelling. i can’t talk at all only alittle. it’s hard for me to even open my mouth. i also got stitches too. i been having headaches, dizziness, and been sleepy.  but hopefully this will past on soon. but right now i feel so miserable and depressed. i can’t wait until all this go away. it’s gonna take awhile probably weeks or a month. i mean i literally got 6 teeth taken out and the other 4 was wisdom teeth that was growing in sideways. this isn’t it either after this over i got to go back for teeth cleaning.  good thing is i got all those bad teeth out and the bad thing is the recovery. 🙁 this gonna be LONG recovery. but hopefully i won’t need anymore teeth taken out as long as i live. i’m gonna rest up and probably read some tintin and play games to keep me occupied.