“Oh, but my favorite is the chap in the Roman getup,” the journalist said, hoping to lighten the atmosphere. “He made me feel I had a fighting chance! I was half-concerned you would be finding yourself some prizefighter by the time you tired of me.”

I was cleaning out my drafts the other day and came across the picture that I had actually based this line on! 

It’s technically safe for work, but if anyone needs near-nudity tagged in the future, hit me up:


(Note: Most physique mags used the term “young” colloquially; many models were well into adulthood with mature attributes. Then again, any kind of erotic media with broad cultural significance has its misanthropic offshoots – exercise your best judgement when browsing these kinds of publications! You can read up a little on the history of physique mags and why they’re so important here.)