i’m starting get really p*ss off coming on here. I been really depressed for the past 6 days it’s getting to the point i’m starting to become paranoia coming on here. *sighs* I feel like crap. I usually come on here daily or when I feel like it but now i’m close to the point to shut down. this means probably never coming back or/and banned my account or just remove everything like I never exist on this site. that’s something I don’t wanna do. but if it’s better for my health then so be it. i’m so upset right now. I always get myself into these stupid situations then i’m the one who suffer because i’m not always good solving problems. I have a mild learning disability. I put it on my tag line. it’s most likely no body reading it. so if you don’t read it you just not trying to read it and who ever say something or do anything that make me upset is your fault. I don’t know anymore. i’m gonna keep ranting until stuff like this stops. probably not. so you gonna keep hearing from me. this is ridiculous. I guess coming on here to make friends and stuff was an bad idea. i’m so stupid because I always do stupid stuff like this. then I get hurt. god I feel so gosh darn stupid. I always do this to myself it’s because i’m difficult understanding some stuff. god. I feel like an idiot, butthole, and an loser. i’m nothing but a piece of crap. i’m disabled so I can’t do much. i’m just a piece crap. i’m so sorry for the people who have to see these posts but I’m just p*ss off. god. *sighs*