You Can Now Sent Me Asks!!!(probably just for …


I was gonna wait but i couldn’t take it anymore. maybe this will be an great idea just like i did with my description with putting a warning.

Guys…. YOU CAN NOW SENT ME ASKS! don’t get too happy because i may just be doing it for just today. it’s 1:00 in the morning over here and i’m up right now because you know depression. anyway. if i plan to shut them off. it probably will be the same time as of right now where i live. so go ahead and asks away. also there no anonymous asks because i wanna see the people who follow me and stuff. if i know who you are i will be able to follow you and stuff because if i don’t know who you are how i’m suppose to get to know you. you guys don’t have be shy. i’m shy myself so you don’t have to be shy. but if you are. just message me or i may put on anonymous asks at some point. anyway i’m doing this all day today. but since i’m on an little break I may keep them on longer. I know I shouldn’t do that since i’m not posting or replying to messages much as of right now. but heck. maybe i’ll feel better. and if it goes well I may do it more often. things to know is that i’m am not a fast replier so if I get to your ask late you know why. also like I said i’m kind of on a break so if I don’t get to your ask right away that’s also one of the reasons. so go ahead and asks.

due note that if your ask to me is too personal or I feel offensive or anything I will ignore it and probably message you about it before blocking you or reporting you. i’m not the one who do that stuff but if it’s makes me feel bad or anything i’m gonna probably do it.

anyway go ahead and ask. I also have my submit button on too so you guys can sent me funny and neat stuff. 

anyway, let’s see how this goes…..