So I was watching the tintin movie for the hundreth time and I noticed this banner of the wall

My camera took a shitty picture but I’m pretty sure it says 1945 which is a cool detail but then I saw this

The newspaper says 1931 which is 14 years prior which doesn’t make sense bc tintin is supposed to be 15-18 but he looks the same age in the photo as he does in the present time as the movie. The youngest he could possibly be is in the photo is 15 but still +12 years makes him 27 now which isn’t possible if he’s supposed to be 15-18 y/o. Also Herge said his birthday is 1929 \(•~•)/


I have too much time on my hands and should be studying for my russian exam.


Tintin is an immortal, ageless boy/young adult/how old is he supposed to be honestly

The Art of the Adventures of Tintin book (pg. 95) says the film is set in 1949. I think the dates on the papers are based on the release dates of the comics, which is why the dates don’t add up. Somewhere in the same book it says Tintin is no older than 18 but I can’t for the life of me find it… I know the video game based on the film describes Tintin as 17 [Source]. That suggests he was born in 1932. Perhaps it would have more sense if he was 17 and the film was set in 1946 because then he would have been born in 1929.

I don’t think they focused too much on dates, as long as it was thereabouts. They even said, “It was decided to set the film in 1949 but we cheated a little because no new cars were being developed during the war. We really wanted 2CV Citroëns and all the cool cars seen in the original books. So the year 1953 became the absolute cut-off point for objects and vehicles.” – so the dates on the articles weren’t the only things that didn’t add up in the film.