Why does milou have a girls name when he'…

Why does milou have a girls name when he's a boy? I think its a nice name and I know boys can have girls names but did you choose "milou" for a reason?


“I named Milou after a lady I knew when I was small.”

Tintin held back the full story. Milou, the lady, was a volunteer who worked at the orphanage for 2 weeks. Tintin only knew her very briefly when he was 6, but remembers her like he met her yesterday. She was no older than 17, but a 6 year old like himself saw her as grown-up.

It is important to note there was a rule in the orphanage that no affection was shown to the boys for they would only get attached to people. Most of the boys didn’t stay there for long so it was better to prevent attachment between staff and children. While the rule had the boys’ best interests at heart, it was far more damaging than they could imagine – it starved them from the affection a child needs. There had been many volunteers who passed through the orphanage who followed this rule, but Milou didn’t.

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