Thundering Typhoons!


   Tintin meme

here ya go:

Tintin meme

[ ] You like adventures.
[x] Your favorites are dogs.
[x] You have your friends, but you can stand on your own legs.
[ ] You’re into/planning to go as a reporter/to the media.
[ ] You don’t like drinks, but you tried a few.
[x] You are that kinda person who never gives up. 
[ ] You’re a typical good person. Never had affairs with friends. 
[ ] You like extreme hair styles. 
[x] You’re not that obsessed about opera.
[x] You want to solve everything and find answers to all questions. 
Total: 5

[ ] You know your family tree well.
[ ] You like drinks/to drink. 
[x] You want a beard once/already got one/you want some dark hair color
[x] You don’t like opera.
[x] You care a lot about your friends.
[x] You can’t always show the true feelings of yours. 
[x] You’re a calm person-not really into adventures. 
[ ] You like to pretend that you’re a gentleman with stone heart, but you have gold heart. 
[x] Your friends can persuade you to things. 
[ ] You like sea/sailing. 
Total: 6

[x] You’re a bit scatter-brained/crazy. 
[ ] You like to invent things/do creative stuff. 
[x] You like your friends so much and you count on them. 
[x] You wear glasses. 
[ ] You’re obsessed with opera songs and white roses. 
[ ] You’d always go to the west. 
[ ] You’re not that tall person. 
[ ] You learnt/learn some fightning sports. 
[x] You believe that UFOs/aliens exist. 
[x] You’re kind and always get friends easily. 
Total: 5

[ ] You’re onbsessed with opera/music/singing. 
[x] You can go anywhere just to follow your loved ones. 
[x] You want to be always with them, even you seem a pest. 
[ ] You like diamonds, jewels, etc. 
[ ] You have somebody always with you to lackey you. 
[ ] You love flowers. /white roses mainly/ 
[ ] You like to give to friends your own products/handmade stuff/cds 
[ ] You want/got earrings. 
[ ] lipstick and powder are your everyday accessories. 
[ ] You’d like to be famous. 
Total: 2

[ ] English is not your first language
[ ] you don’t speak english very well. 
[ ] You like airplanes/wannabe a pilot 
[ ] You love flying and fresh air. 
[x] You’re tall: you’re the tallest between your friends. 
[x] You’re trying to be kind to everyone even they’re angry at you at first. 
[ ] You know what Estonia is/where is him. 
[ ] You don’t like swimming/crashing stuff. 
[x] You listen to your friends and you’d never be a traitor. 
[x] You’re faithful to your friends. 
Total: 4

[x] You like meat. 
[ ] You like drinks/to drink
[x] Your friends can count on you almost every time. 
[ ] You hate to be dirty. 
[x] You’ve a very good  friend you always hang out with. 
[x] You fear of spiders. 
[ ] You like to travel by train or bus, but not plane. 
[ ] You like to solve things/mysteries. 
[ ] You don’t like cats. 
[x] You like to be free. 
Total: 5

[ ] You always listen your friends too, even you have your own ideas. 
[ ] You don’t talk too much. 
[ ] You like to serve, or cook, for example for friends. 
[ ] You’re gentle, you like order. 
[ ] You’re patient. 
[x] You respect your friends if they deserve it. 
[ ] You’re good at catch things/have a good timing. 
[x] You like to be in black clothes. 
[x] You’d never mess with the police/people who are having higher rank. 
[ ] You know drinks well, but you never drink. 
Total: 3