Okay guys. i know i havin’t be posting alot. one it’s because i’m doing an roleplay. the roleplay ends today so after that i’m planning to take an break. probably a few days or a week or so. then i think after that i will finishing up setting up my “oc” blog and this blog as well. then draw because i have alot of drawing to do. i think i will draw during my break. so if you don’t wanna see my drawings i would say unfollow me cause it gonna be alot. i said i won’t be on alot this year. and i think i’m right. i have alot of doctor appointments this year with will cause me to be put asleep. i may feel side effects after those appointments. two. the world and the net. as usual. 3. i been noticing more and more people been joining the Tintin fandom lately and it’s making me have anxiety which i do have. don’t get me wrong i love the fact more and more people coming but with my anxiety that type of stuff scares me. even though i’m glad people coming. i’m also worried.  i was never a fan of big fandoms in the first place. but with the idea of the tintin fandom on tumblr getting more people scares me. if you have anxiety you understand what i’m talking about. i just hope and pray that it don’t gets “too” big. because if so i will have to leave. if you have anxiety you understand.  it not hate or anything. i just don’t like “big” places. i prefer small ones.  i’m not leaving. i’m just been doing other things and depressed and anxious. anywho, this blog isn’t going anywhere as of now.  but i’m trying to keep it updated. i’m pretty sure you all understand. 

thank you.