just let everybody know.


i’m still on here. I haven’t been posting as much because I been sick. depression is apart of it. my wisdom teeth been bothering me bad I need to get it remove. also even though I like tumblr (the internet in general.) sometimes I see things that make me depressed. so I tried to stay far away from it. with the new year just came in, i’m not gonna go into details because if you live in the US you probably know who and what i’m talking about it. I don’t watch the news but the internet can give you news as well. which can be depressing and give me anxiety. I come on here for Tintin and nothing else. so if the topic isn’t about tintin I don’t wanna see it. I mean come on this is an tintin blog. (even though my username don’t say it’s one.) so if i’m not on a lot this year that’s one of the reasons. I been noticing I been getting a lot of followers lately. thank you! you’re all too kind. not sure why i’m getting a lot. I just hope it means it’s an good thing. anyway, I hope all understand. depression,wisdom teeth, the news, and life sucks.