(make way here she is!) it's was rainy n…

(make way here she is!) it's was rainy night. it was an young lady with an young man. she was holding her umbrella. it's look like the two was kissing.


The kiss took him by surprise. He would usually back away but this time he wanted to kiss her, he had for a long time but he never did in fear it would break up their close friendship.

The soft taste of her love made him melt, gently pulling her in a little more. Yet his head was screaming. Was he doing it right? He had never kissed anyone before, not like this!

He eventually pulled away. There was a moment of quiet when only the pitter-patter of rain falling in the umbrella could be heard. He turned his head away to hide his blushing cheeks but nothing could hide the warm smile that split across his face.

“We can go to my place if you’d like…”

He interjected his own sentence when he immediately noticed how suggestive it sounded… that’s not what he meant.

“…Just for some coffee or something…”

Oh gosh, he was a flustered mess.