Sup! Are you still active? If so, could you te…

Sup! Are you still active? If so, could you tell me why you enjoy this ship so much? I ship it as well, and would like to hear different opinions about it! Thank you in advance!

Yes, I’m still active! Not as much as I’d like to be with life responsibilities and such, but I try.

I’m gonna stick this under a read more cause I could talk about these guys forever.

I always felt like Tintin and Haddock were in a relationship, ever since I was young. I never really considered why until recently, and I think it might be because so many cartoons at the time had this hackneyed underlying plot of heterosexual romance tacked on that felt really forced. Of course, nowadays there are brilliantly-written relationships between men and women that do healthy het friendships/romances justice, but at the time (and especially for a little queer like me) options were limited.

So here you have these two men who seem to have no inclination to spend time with anyone else, constantly enduring a wringer of danger and peril and coming through each time all the stronger for it. They spoke to each other like equals, but were still not shy about openly and tenderly consoling one another. Their companionship was far from perfect – it had its own ups and downs; its own difficulties. Growing up, that’s what I decided I wanted in a relationship. It just seemed so…different than anything I’d seen.

I can understand fans who don’t read into the relationship romantically; after all, it grinds my gears that it’s not socially acceptable for men to be platonically intimate with one another in any capacity. But I don’t think the concept of Tintin and Haddock having a romantic relationship is really that unreasonable or horrifying, either. Personally speaking, I always thought they had an odd sort of possessiveness over one another that was a little provocative.


I mean, there’s something kind of bizarre about two friends who use formal “vous” with each other but who visit one another near-daily and get deeply tangled in one another’s affairs without any deferential overtures. It’s almost, almost like consistently calling your best friend “sir” (just short of it; “vous” doesn’t really translate like that but you get the gist). And the weirdest part is, it goes both ways. They hold one another in higher regard than most everyone else, lost in their own little world. Not only is that profoundly touching, but, admittedly, a little suggestive…

Really though, I could go on. Like, forever.