My friend’s stalker not only found out about my post but also posted a screenshot to their blog with my username on it.

Wonderful way to end the year.

Having anxiety as well I REALLY hope this doesn’t turns into a shitstorm. Just… if you guys can stay by my side, I’d be really grateful. I already go through so much shit in my life, I don’t need this.

And to that sorao person: look, well, if you found out about my post, you already know what my intentions are. I don’t want you getting anon hate in any way, because you don’t deserve that, no one deserves that. I just really want to encourage you to stop idolizing Nikki so much. You can enjoy her art and look forward to it, but please draw a line. 

Also, you’re 16, and I know being a teenager is pretty much when your life starts changing a lot. But once you reach your 20s, you’ll see that your world view will ALSO change, and you might look back at your past teen self and think “wow I did lots of stupid things back then”. I know that because I have been through that. We all have been teenagers who made mistakes. I myself would do things like messaging artists I loved more than once (but never too much). 

So my point is: things change. You’ll find out that things that seem like a huge deal right now AREN’T a huge deal. 

Rather than throwing all your love on someone else, throw your love on yourself. Value yourself more, do things for you and not to catch other people’s attention for once. No one deserves or needs to live under someone else’s shadow.

Just forget about Nikki and leave her alone. Things will be fine.

This thing is getting out out hands. 

This was the very reason why I did not want to make that long post in the first place. I didn’t want to get others involved over something between two users. And now that has become the case. 

Lila does not deserve this. I have known her since 2012 and has been a wonderful friend for all those 5 years. And I feel super guilty that she now is in this mess. 

If the people who are giving her a hard time sees this, I ask you to stop. 

For anyone seeing this and is aware of this whole mess, please send some love and support to Lila and reblog this.

I have your back Lila.

If anything happens. I will have y’all backs

Leave Nikki and Lila alone. Literally if you do not have anything positive to say involving this situation then just walk away. If you REALLY feel like you gotta say something, say it to me and come catch these hands.