Tintin secret santa?



would anyone be interested if i held a tintin secret santa? (art based) 

so like if you sign up, you make a request and once sign ups are closed you’re matched randomly with someone else’s request and then all the art is posted / released on/after the holiday! 

I’d be entering my own name in and i’d be taking personal responsibility to do a second gift if we came up with an odd number of people :0 ! 

to be fair ANY skill level would be welcome! just do your best to try and make something nice for your receiver! 

likes and reblogs are appreciated on this but if you have a genuine interest PLEASE let me know with a message / note / reply literally anything where you can physically type out “yes this is something i will sign up for” 

I would completely be down to do this!! if you need any help lmk :0 

I’m up for it! How do I send my request?