When it’s 5:00 o’clock in morning and your imagination is running wild.


A young lady standing in front of fram feeling the fall breeze as wind brew in her brown long hair eating some mary jane candies as she look at the sun while it’s look like it was cloudy due being a fall eveing. suddenly a piece of paper flew with a bunch of leaves going around in a circle with the wind. the young lady tried to catch it she had to jump and run to see what is the piece of paper was. suddenly the wind stop blowing for a minute and the young lady saw the piece paper on the grass. she pick in up and it wasn’t just a piece of paper. it was a photo. the photo looked black and while.a photo of a young man. he looked about her age. or maybe younger? it’s most sure he was teenager. he looked familer. but she couldn’t really put her tongue to it. the younger lady look at the photo. the young man looked very handsome but didn’t know if boy was far or near by and why the heck a photo of flowing a around for?

“Well, look at here?….” she look at the photo. “who in tha’ the world would leave one their photos of em’self? maybe they house got burned down or sumthing.”

The young lady look around to see if it was anyone close by.

“I’m gonna keep this. maybe i know this person or maybe they lost it…… i should maybe take this to the police station. but the police station is a few blocks away.” 

Suddenly young lady felt like she needed to keep it. maybe it was some important. from the back her mind it was telling her to keep it but all the same not to because that young man was loosing his photo maybe someone bad could got a hold of it. 


“Maybe I should sure keep this. cuz who know. maybe the young man will visit to take for his photo back.”

But who was this young man? he didn’t live next door as far as she know of. was he close by? 

to be continued…?