Tintin and Haddock! Would you spend your holidays in a camp that is famous for the legend of being the house of a murderer that goes around with a hockey mask (yeah he’s very fashion) and kills people with a machete?

The two men slightly cringed nervously at the mention of a murderer.

Tintin: Uh… probably not. It’s an unnecessary risk to take for little gain. However, I will admit that if there was a decent story there, some investigating may prove worthwhile-

Haddock: Lad, you are not going to stay at a camp with a murderer! Are you trying to make me worry about you?

Tintin: You’re right. Sorry Captain. But I do think that it could be interesting as long as we kept out of harm’s way. I wonder who it is behind the hockey mask anyway?

Haddock only rolled his eyes as Tintin thoughtfully pondered the question. There was no way he would let the lad go to a camp like that!