Tintin, what’s your opinion of cats? Do you get along with the Marlinspike cat? Can you please give me some details about that cat as well? Thank you!

I’m quite fond of animals, and cats are no exception. I think they’re lovely creatures and I do appreciate how they subtly show affection. The Captain’s cat is very pretty, don’t you think? I get along with her very well when Snowy isn’t chasing her around. She often comes and sits with me whilst I’m working or relaxing. She has a peaceful air to her…

Upon hearing this, Snowy who was currently situated on Tintin’s lap made an unimpressed expression. Tintin chuckled and stroked his fur to ease him.

Don’t you worry Snowy – you’re still my favourite! But yes, the Captain said that he always had a cat on board to help with pests, and even though he can’t sail now, having a cat around keeps him in a positive mindset. After all, he misses the sea immensely. Not that he’ll admit it, mind you. A friend of his apparently gave her to him after they had a litter of kittens, and she’s been here since! Her name is Marina, in case you were interested!