It’s been told that real men wear kilts without underwear. I don’t know either. but if you look at page 39 of black island were tintin pants are rip it’s looks like he wearing underwear. but if baby boy too chicken he probably is wearing underwear under that kilt. X’D omg…. i’m showing my real self. I guess my secret is out now. hey everyone! i’m the silly and shy one who sent funny asks on asktintin. show me love by liking this post. because i really would love it. tuft knows. >w> X’D

I agree, I think he’d be a little too chilly to not wear underwear under his kilt. Besides, if he didn’t wear anything, would he have just left his underwear at the Scotsman’s house? I think that would have been a little rude, but I guess we’ll never know for sure.

If I’m honest, I think the bp08 signature was a huge giveaway but it’s good to see you breaking out of your shell! 😁